Hello World!

So it has been a long time coming, but I FINALLY did it. I started a blog.

This is something I have wanted to do for a while, but always made up an excuse as to why it couldn’t be done- and that’s just silly. So here I am- diving head first into an internet sea full of amazing bloggers who probably travel more, can share with you amazing recipes or an intense work out regimen… I so wish I could bring all of those to you, and maybe in time, I will but for now all I can guarantee is my daily experiences with a hilarious soon-to-be threenager, my love for a healthy marriage, our strive to live greener, eat healthier and become better people for this world.

Other things I look to include-
1. DIY alternatives for a greener home
2. Gluten Free recipes
3. Subscription Boxes/Product Reviews
4. Fun Summer activities for children
5. Prayer Request/Spiritual growth
6. Yoga Journey


I have a lot of contributing people in my life that make it so much sweeter- but you’ll get to meet them later. I want to start out with the main players- my household!

UP FIRST: My rock, my best friend, my husband.
TobyThis is Toby. My hardworking, video game playing, pizza eating, beer drinking best friend. He’s hilarious, stubborn, loyal and has more energy than our daughter. We went on our first date when I was seventeen, and I thought he was a loser. Now here we are, happily married and I couldn’t imagine taking on life without him. We tease each other a lot, and have our share of arguments but we value our marriage and take it very seriously. I don’t give him enough credit- he’s the only male in the house, and sometimes he gets overruled by all of the girl power. He is an excellent father and always strives to give us the very best, we are very blessed to have him in our lives.

                                                                             NEXT UP: My bean, my nugget, my baby girl.
10296854_10202894079545145_5296834111294132695_nThis is Tegan. My reggae dancing, animal loving, book reading, yogi! She’s going to be three soon and I thought I loved having her as a baby, but no one told me how awesome having a toddler would be! And sure- it’s 10x  20x harder, but SO MUCH FUN. I still don’t get any sleep, but it’s a small price to pay when you get to have this cutie in your life. She’s a talkaholic, with a heart of gold. Right now she is super into Captain Hook (Once Upon A Time version) and wants to be a fairy. She is JUST on the cusp of being potty trained, and is absolutely still confused on her colors. (We’ll get there.) Most of what I write about will be about her- so if you don’t like looking at lots of pictures of cute kids (because she has super cute friends too) laughing at the silly things she says, or want to read “mommy vent” moments– this probably isn’t the blog for you.

I guess I should probably introduce myself, too!

meI’m Ashley. I’m a mom and wife before anything else. I don’t have a favorite color- it’s too hard to pick just one! I am COMMA HAPPY. (working on this addiction) I have a soft heart- I am HIGHLY sensitive, but I care deeply for those in my life. I laugh, talk and eat A LOT. I do not like to be alone, and I am terrified of being kidnapped, struck by lightening and mask, (face paint, costumes, etc…) I have learned that the “simple” things in life that I enjoy are actually very extraordinary. Like the sunrise/sunset, spending time laughing with the ones that you love, pictures, family dinners, or the sound of the ocean… those all mean much more than people tend to give them credit for. I rarely meet a stranger, and have had some amazing conversations, and met some beautiful people because of that. I love my life and the people in it.

I might not have the most interesting stories to share with you everyday, but I do invite you to come be apart of our life! Come share the joys and frustrations of parenthood with me. Read my reviews on products we are trying. Be apart of my yoga journey. Jump into this with us, and be interactive. Come see what it means to be
Busy Being Lisenba.

 -with love,
Signature updated


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