Easter Weekend

Happy Sunday, and more importantly- HAPPY EASTER!!

I am writing to you tonight with a tired body, a full belly, a happy heart and a VERY tired toddler laying on my lap. This weekend was a B U S Y one, but a very good one. OH! It was also a LONG one.

Tegan and I slept in Friday since I didn’t have to work- and that was wonderful! We met my mom and a friend for a late breakfast and then we had lots of errands to run. (putting gas in the car, groceries…) We went and found the new yoga studio I am going to be going to and then we went to Sprouts and loaded up on some fresh veggies and fruit. Toby got off early, so I cooked stuffed bell peppers for dinner and we just took the rest of the night kind of easy.

                    S A T U R D A Y

egg hunt satOh my, was Saturday B U S Y. We started our morning off at the church for an Easter egg hunt, followed by a wonderful story time for the kids on the REAL meaning of Easter. It was short, sweet and I enjoyed seeing all the kids play together. Then after the egg hunt, we quickly grabbed some lunch and then headed on over to the waterfall to celebrate one of our favorite little boy’s birthday! It was the perfect day for a party at the park. The kids had a blast and it was super fun. groupThen after the birthday party, we had to do some last minute Easter shopping and then ANOTHER Easter egg hunt. It was in my parent’s neighborhood and it was a glow in the dark hunt. It was a really cute idea and Tegan had a blast. But by the time we got done, I was exhausted!! Then we had to prepare for bed because the EASTER BUNNY was coming!!!

                       S U N D A Y

easter basketAll of that brings us to today. And I only thought yesterday was busy! We started our morning off with a VERY happy little girl! She was tickled to pieces over her Easter basket. But who doesn’t love waking up to new books, bubbles and candy? Then we went to church and Tegan was given ANOTHER Easter basket (too sweet) and it was a great service- lots of love, singing, and GREAT energy! She was wonderful the entire time. She danced and sang and went from Pop Pop to Daddy, from Zac to Mommy… so other than playing ‘Pass the Toddler’ -she was great!

From there we went to Toby’s parent’s house to visit with them, so Tegan could show off her dress and have another egg hunt… (this was just the beginning of a plastic egg addiction) The big kids got to hunt eggs too, which is always nice. Between me and Toby, we made $40 (thanks Meme!) Somehow our Easter bunny got confused and visited Tegan twice because he left her some surprises at Meme & T’s house, too! He brought her a bird feeder and some new plants! Baby T LOVES to garden!

And then from there we went on to Toby’s grandparent’s house. We were looking forward to this because this is when the entire gang got together! And this is the perfect time for me to introduce you to everyone on Toby’s side!

1484692_804867656256832_9130014599229710001_nLEFT TO RIGHT
Marley(19)- Toby’s youngest sister.
TJ- Toby’s dad, better known as “T”.
Neely(21)- Toby’s sister.
Mawmaw- (Tegan calls her Pawpaw) Toby’s grandmother.
Amy- Toby’s mom, but you can call her “MeMe”.
Pawpaw- Toby’s grandfather.

                       MEET THE COUSINS 1798675_804867496256848_6639261430944713782_n


This isn’t EVERYONE, but it’s most of us! We really enjoyed ourselves. We had a nice lunch, and Tegan got to hunt eggs…AGAIN. And one of my favorite parts of the day was playing Pawpaw’s new puppy, Charlie! He’s such a little fuzz ball! I couldn’t get enough of him!! But man, we wore him out! Isn’t he the cutest?11079351_804991522911112_3586752113084327593_n

From there we went (YES, we went more places!) to my Nana and Papa’s (my grandparents) and ate MORE food, and found MORE eggs! Every year all the kids get a COLOR and then have to go find five eggs of that color, and then they end up with $5 (sweet deal, if you ask me) I have since graduated from the cousin egg hunt, and it has been passed down to Miss T. The adults get an egg hunt, too! Nana hid11072904_804991572911107_1346034558286859423_nes ONE special egg out in the front yard, and then it’s every man for himself! And some of us can get pretty competitive. Neither Toby nor myself have ever found the egg, but it is a lot of fun being interactive together. Being at Nana and Papa’s is great for the kids. I have a large family, and lots of cousins (I will introduce them some other time) and so it’s nice for everyone to get together. I have a younger cousin, WIlla(7) who is great with Tega11013380_804991659577765_7683294818201448747_nn. And Tegan doesn’t really have anyone her age, and our family is pretty much ruled by boys, so it’s nice for her to have a girl to play with! We ended our night there before heading back home… it was nice, but I am happy the rush of this weekend has come to an end. Although, I will miss all the wonderful company we were with- but I think Tegan finally cracked. (no pun intended)

It was a beautiful weekend, and I hope you had a great one too. But if you don’t follow me on Instagram, I would like to share with you a post from this evening.


Seven years ago Toby and I went on our first date, and four years ago he made me apart of his family. Its hard to remember what life was like before him- before all of them. I love each and everyone of them so much. Christmas Eve our family was given some sad news concerning Toby’s pawpaw, and we didn’t really know what was going to come of it… but here we are, three months later as pawpaw fights cancer and is going through chemo. You really take time with your loved ones for granted. And even though I am fully confident that he will kick cancer in the butt, it still sucks to see someone you care about drained, and in pain. Please remember Toby’s grandfather in your prayers, and just keep in mind that time and people are precious. I hope everyone spent today with people they love and soaked each other’s goodness all up!

with love,
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2 thoughts on “Easter Weekend

  1. Shirley Lopeman

    Ashley, sure enjoyed reading about Easter weekend. Nice to see pictures of you and the family that we don’t get to share events with living so far away. Thank you for a beautiful job! Love you, Shirley


  2. Shirley, you’re one of the reasons why I have wanted to start a blog. I know it’s tough being so far away- but we love you guys and think of you often! Hopefully this will be a good way for you and Pupoo to keep up with us! Love you!


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