Herbal Bliss Subscription Box

Happy Monday!
I hope you all had a fantastic Easter weekend- we did, it was busy, but we are always busy! (hints the name)

So today I wanted to talk about this wonderful subscription box I got in the mail a couple of weeks ago. This was my first experience with any subscription box- and they set the bar very high for any box I receive from this point on. This is also my first review for a subscription box, and I already wish I would have planned better to do this differently. But I hope being new to all of this doesn’t take away from how great this box actually is.

Today I have the great pleasure of writing about the Herbal Bliss Box!

Herbal Bliss is a subscription box that features a variety of herb-based/all natural products. Each box contains 5 samples- but they are very gracious samples in my opinion!  They choose their samples based on five different categories.(aromatherapy, blissful body, culinary, well being, and a spotlight product) If you visit their site, you can read that most of the suppliers are small family-owned businesses and I love that!


This is often one the very first questions I get asked when talking about subscription boxes- and the truth is, they all vary!
For this particular box, you have F O U R different options.

1 Month- $25
3 Months- $66 ($22 a box)
6 Months- $120 ($20 a box)
12 Months- $216 ($18 a box)

So obviously if you sign up for a larger subscription, you are going to save some money. Which $18 a box for the high quality, hand crafted products you are getting is a fantastic deal!


Before I get to the box, I would like to make note that the staff is INCREDIBLY friendly. They were swift in responding to my emails, very accommodating, and extremely kind. That good foundation makes me want to continue with their services.



So this is the box that I got in the mail. It fit perfectly in my mailbox. They did a nice job of getting it all nice a beat up for me before delivery- but nothing was damaged because it is nicely packed inside. I thought the packaging was cute, and the box was pretty heavy. I couldn’t wait to look inside!

HB Open

Inside was this happy yellow paper!

HB reveal

Followed by all of these wonderful goodies!!!
There is something so awesome about a box of mystery when these boxes come in the mail.

Here you see five items, but underneath the small red envelope is another item- by the way, the envelope contains product cards with the full size price of the item listed. As we go on, you’ll see just how much this box is worth.

Texas Olive Ranch/Cowgirl Brands Hill County Herb Garden Olive OilHB oo

So I was super excited about receiving this particular item because I really enjoy cooking, and I like the idea of using natural products- and those things can add up, especially when you use them a lot. This item retails full size at $14.95 but you get a healthy size bottle to try out, so you will know for sure by the time you get done with it if you could see yourself buying it or not. I have already used it several times, and I really enjoy it. It was a nice color, it’s smooth and it’s perfect for slow cooking sausage in spices and herbs. I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far.

South Austin People (SoAP) Natural Liquid Soap

HB saps

I have been on a quest to try and live a little greener. Over the past several months we have gotten rid of many chemically consumed products and have been trading them in for something a little better for us. From my make up, to my cleaning products, I have tried to go as natural as possible. Toby and I even ventured into soap making, and it was a blast- but I could only do bar soap. I could never perfect liquid, but I prefer to use liquid- but now I do not have to look any longer because I have found the soap for me! This box could have had this product alone and I would have been satisfied. As you can tell from the picture- I have been using this since I got it. I LOVE IT. It smells amazing- a good earhty scent, it works great, it has a nice lather- and if you’re familiar with natural soaps, a good lather is hard to get. So I was super impressed. This product retails full size at $8.00 and it’s totally worth it. I will be ordering some to replace mine when I run out.

3 Girls Holistic Cleansing Grains Facial Scrub

HB 3gh

So I honestly can’t say too much about this item yet, because I haven’t used it. I was really pumped to get it, but I am highly sensitive to grains and oats & I felt it would be best to check with my doctor before using a product like this, but if I can’t use it, I have a friend that wants to try it. This product retails full size at $22.00 and I think that is a good price judging off the product card alone. It removes oxidized oil, dead skin cells, and dirt without being too harsh on your skin- which is something I could really use. And the neat thing is that you can use it on it’s own, or pair it with the SoAP mentioned above!

Dreaming Earth Aromatherapy Sampler Kit
HB aroma

This is a nice little set and I am surprised it counted as ONE item! Again- look at the size of these “samples” -very generous. This sampler kit includes lotion, oil, and THREE samples of essential oil. I made an unboxing video of this (I will link below) and you hear me say I am excited about the “perfumes“. It wasn’t until after that I was able to read the product cards that I saw they were samples of Essential Oils, and the lotion and oils in the larger bottles were sent as carriers. I thought these were wonderful items to pair together because I am very big into essential oils and I have to stress the importance of diluting oils to people all the time, so I appreciate them taking that into consideration. This kit retails at $10.00 and that is a VERY good deal!

Divine Creationz White Sage Smudge Spray

HB smudging spray

This is the final, and probably the coolest product in the box. WHITE SAGE SMUDGING SPRAY. I honestly didn’t know what it was at first, I thought they had sent some body mist & I just opened it right up and sprayed it! It wasn’t until I smelt it, that I hit me what it was. If you’re like me- I pray a lot, I am big into yoga, so I am always trying to keep good vibes going our way– and this is a great way to smudge your home without smoke, or ashes…and you can do it anywhere! The office, hotels, hospitals… it’s discrete but effective and totally awesome. This retails full size for $11.39 but I believe it comes as a full size item- how cool is that?

I have to say, I didn’t know what to expect but I am pleasantly  surprised and would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is remotely into herbal/green living. It was neat to learn about other companies and discover new products I never knew existed.

I hope I didn’t butcher this review up too badly. If you’d like to read more reviews, or keep up with me on other forms of social media please go follow me on Twitter, Instagram and don’t forget to go like and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Also, here is my unboxing video on the March Herbal Bliss box! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading. If you have products you’d like me to review, or want to send an item for review be sure to fill out a form on the ABOUT ME page!

with love,
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