Graze Subscription Box

Happy Thursday!
I hope this week is treating you nicely. If not, HANG IN THERE- you’re So close to Friday! (;

Today I am going to be reviewing an awesome, little box of fun- Graze!

graze logo


To put it simply- graze is P I M P E D out trail mix.
And how it got started is awesome.

Graze is a company started by a group of friends who loved to snack, but were tired of the same old chips and candy. So they decided to quit their jobs, devised a plan & created something delicious! They now have over 1 0 0 snacks to choose from that you can receive weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. They work with small suppliers who also love food, so you’re guaranteed the best quality. Also, the varieties are endless! (sweet, savory, calorie counter…) Every snack has a benefit to your body, and you can even customize your orders with their Trash It, Love It, Like It, Try It system. You can also toss out items that may contain wheat or nuts. However, these treats are manufactured in a facility with milk, wheat, nuts and other ingredients that you need to be mindful of if you have severe allergies.

And to be perfectly honest, the majority of the snacks sent contain gluten so I won’t be able to eat them. Good thing I’m not the only one in my house who loves food!

This is actually a great snack box for Tegan because of the portion size I received and the contents. Definitely snacks I would like to continue receiving so she has more healthy choices. The pouches they arrive in are also perfect for slipping into lunchboxes. So Toby is going to have some extra treats this week!


I believe they ship USPS & fit PERFECTLY into a mailbox. I actually had TWO in there.

$6.99 per box for a 4-snack box
$11.99 per box for an 8-snack box
$25 per box for a sharing box that contains 5 bags of snacks


When I got home the other night I was super surprised to see these guys chillin’ on the table. They were so cute! The packaging looked like recycled material & they also ask you recycle to the boxes. That is a BIG plus for me!
graze 2        graze 1
sorry for the glare

I quickly opened both of them & made a video because I was so excited to get into them.

As you can see, each box comes with F O U R snacks. I ordered the sweet treats because I LOVE sweets! So I thought this might be a healthier way to get in my sweet fix. Each box also comes with a card full of coupons & on the back the nutrition facts, ingredients and expiration dates are listed. Each snack has a totally different flavor. Some will be a mix of sweet & salty, much like the Cinnamon Pretzel snack box. While others will be more fruity, like the Cherries & Berries.

One I am super excited to try is Chai Latte

graze cl
chai seeds, coconut, macadamias, & yogurt sunflower seeds


I think it’s a fantastic box! I love the healthy choices you’re given, and it makes snacking feel less guilty when you know you’re getting benefits from what you’re eating. I like all of the different options. I also enjoy the fact that I don’t have to wait once a month to receive it. There was something in our box for everyone. It’s cost efficient. It’s fun, and it’s good for you!


Graze is so confident that you’ll love their box, you get your first one F R E E!
Just click HERE to get started!

You can also go follow Graze on FacebookTwitter, and Instgram– tell them I sent you!
& if you do get a box, be sure to post a picture and tag me and graze in them!

Happy Snacking!
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