March Geek Fuel Subscription Box

Happy Monday!
I hope you had a fabulous weekend, and I hope your Monday kicks your week off great!

Today I am FINALLY writing to you about a box that I’ve had sitting at my house for a week! GEEK FUEL. Typically I wouldn’t go so long without digging into a box, but we’ve had so many food boxes lately that we had to set this one aside- which was killing Toby because this box was sent for him.

Geek Fuel is a new monthly subscription box geared towards the gamer community. I believe this is only the fourth month they have been shipping boxes, but so far they seem to be doing great. I wish I would’ve known more about the boxes when doing the video, so I am going to try and be a little more detailed with my review here.

This is a relatively affordable box considering it’s content value, as you will see.
One Month:
$17.90 + $6 S&H /month ($23.90)
Three Months:
$16.90 + $6 S&H /month ($68.70)
Six Months:
$15.90 + $6 S&H /month ($131.40)
Twelve Months:
$13.90 + $6 S&H /month ($238.80)

It does ship to the UK and Canada, but I would imagine that the shipping would increase based on location.

So this box was sent to us for review purposes, and even though Toby is the one intended to get it, I am the one who has been doing all of the emailing back and forth with their company. I have been in touch with several companies so far & I have yet to run into anyone I didn’t want to work with. Geek Fuel is no different. I have mainly been emailing back and forth between one person (which I like- it keeps things from getting lost in translation) and she has been super patient and helpful through entire process. She checked in and made sure we received our box and she is actually showing interest in what we have to say. I appreciate that.

WHATS INSIDE gkThis month’s theme is WAR.

This box came USPS I believe. It did not fit into my mailbox and was tossed at my door upon drop off but it is a very nice sturdy box & there was nothing in the box that could have been damaged, but its packaged nicely so I don’t think anything would happen if there were something breakable in it.

I read that the box would include a product card explaining what all was included, but I did not find that our box had one. It may have been a little more helpful in the unboxing video had we known what we were opening.

RETRO Video Game Magazine
This is a copy of RETRO Video Game Magazine & I believe they featured this in last month’s box as well as the theme was Retro. I think they may have just thrown this in as an extra- but that’s fine with us because that is the kind of stuff we are into. Almost wish we would have gotten last month’s box because it was right up our alley!

Gears Of War Energy Drink 

This item is valued at $3.00 (I honestly expected to be a little bit more) I thought this was pretty awesome. I didn’t know what kind of stuff would come in this box, but I expected things like comic books and figurines. I was pleasantly surprised to see something like an energy drink. I thought that was a unique item to include.

Dragon Glass & Spock Button
I might be one of the only people on the planet who didn’t know upon opening this that Dragon Glass was a Game of Thrones item, even though part of me guessed… I am not sure what Dragon Glass values at, but it is extremely pretty. Also, I thought the Spock button was a nice little item to include, for obvious reasons. I like things like that, and will actually probably add it to the strap of my yoga bag.

Tee Shirt
gk shirt
One of the coolest things about Geek Fuel in my opinion is the fact that they include an all original tee shirt every month. The price of the box is about how much I spend on Toby’s video game shirts alone. So I think we are way over $23.00 by this point and the box keeps going!

Darryll Jones Poster
gk poster
I actually had to do some research to find out what this poster was about. Darryll Jones is an artist that includes this little Storm Trooper in all of his work. It’s pretty awesome.

Game of Thrones Comic Book
gk got comic
So they included a small, but really neat Game of Thrones comic book. I am not familiar with the series, but I can tell just by looking at this that I would be super excited to get this if I were a fan. (I wish I was- but most of my time in front of a TV is spent watching Mickey Mouse Club House)

Warmachine Tactics Gamer Code
gk game code
This item is very nice. It includes a game code valued at $40- and that’s WELL over the price of the box without including everything else! I saved this item for last because I thought this was the most anticipated item. I believe each box so far has included a gamer code, and had I received one each month prior- I would really have my heart set on getting one EVERY month. I don’t know if they will always include one, but as of now- I think they have.

If you consider the gamer code, and the tee shirt and all of the other specialty items included, I would say you’ve got yourself a really thought out subscription box. I love the themes they’ve kept with. This month wasn’t exactly a great fit for us, but like I said- last month was an awesome theme for us. So just like with any themed box, some will be tailored more towards a certain audience. I enjoyed getting a box different from what I typically get- it was fun. I think Toby enjoyed it and I am excited to see where this company goes!!

If you’re interested in subscribing to Geek Fuel click HERE

REMEMBER if you get a Geek Fuel, be sure to take a picture and tag ME & Geek Fuel on Instagram and Twitter!

Happy gaming,
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