Great Kids Snacks Subscription Box

Hey guys! Happy Friday!!

I know I haven’t posted anything recently, but I have had a sick little this week- thankfully she is feeling much better & hopefully will be able to enjoy her weekend.

So I do have a bunch of new things sitting at my house just waiting to be written about but I couldn’t wait any longer to talk about this AMAZING box we got a couple of weeks ago.

If you keep up with me, you know that I am always trying to get me and my family to live healthier in all aspects. We have come a LOOONG way, but still have a lot of improving to do- especially in the food department. It is super easy to eat unhealthy, and so I have really been striving to find us healthy alternatives. When I came across Great Kids Snacks, I just knew I had to get the box! It was exactly what I was searching for. A healthy snack box geared towards kids. I have been sent a few different types of healthy snack boxes, but not any that Tegan really clicked with. But Healthy Kids Snacks is full of fun, brightly packaged, yummy, HEALTHY treats for the kiddos!

Great Kids Snacks was founded by a guy named Kyle, who was chaperoning a field trip to the zoo when at lunch time he was shockingly surprised by the quality food these children had been provided. Instead of shaming these parents, he realized that choosing healthy, child friendly snacks can be a challenge. He took it upon himself to create a company that will provide children with 30 healthy, fun snacks. That’s a snack a day! Not only is he providing children with delicious and beneficial treats, but he’s helping out parents who might not otherwise know what to choose- or have the time to search.

Great Kids Snacks is one of the more pricey boxes that you will find, but where most boxes only ship 4-8 items, GKS provides you with 30!

It is 39.95 a month and includes free shipping.

The only person I spoke with was Kyle, the owner and he is wonderful! He is super friendly, very upfront about what he expects and someone I enjoyed ordering from. He is very good about responding to my emails and has been extremely helpful.

Y’all, I am going to be blown away when I eventually run into someone who isn’t pleasant to work with because so far everyone involved in these reviews has been great.

I don’t know that I am actually going to be able to list what all is inside because it is SO much! But I am going to try my best to include it all.


So to give you an idea of how well thought out this box is, here is a look of everything all together. CRAZY, right?

Ricky’s Lucky Nuts

So based off Amazon pricing, Ricky’s Lucky Nuts retail for a little over $2.00 per package. They are all natural, USA grown peanuts, GMO free and the packaging is made from recycled materials. Y’all know recycling is ALWAYS a bonus for me!
The REAL STICKS according to Amazon retail for about a $1.50. My biggest excitement over this is that it’s Gluten Free. So I may have taken this from her box for myself.

Fruit Me Up

Going off of Amazon, Fruit Me Up retails for a little over $3.00 per pouch. These little pouches are 100% fruit sauce. They do not contain any preservatives, coloring or any added sugars. Tegan is a BIG fan of these.

Fruit Strips
Weird Banana Thing 

Okay, so starting with the Apple-Licious- we have not eaten it yet, but according to Amazon it retails for about $2.95 a piece. It is also Gluten Free, no preservatives, or added sugars. It seems like some sort of gummy treat, that I am sure T will like. The next thing is the Fruit Strips, according to Amazon they go for about $3.00 for a box of 8 strips. We’ve had these in the past, and I don’t think we were a fan because we haven’t gotten them since– but they are worth another try! And I apologize for calling that last one a “Weird banana thing” but in the unboxing video you will see me open it to inspect- not a fan! I couldn’t remember what it was called, and I couldn’t tell by the picture. So mysterious banana gummy log- I have failed you.

MacroLife Naturals 

So I was super excited to get these two samples of these little supplements that you just add to liquid. I have been looking for something along these lines for Tegan to try. I can’t really give you a clear idea of how much these samples go for- but I know a container of this stuff runs about $40 for 14oz of powder.


Perfect Bar– About $3.00
Barre Bar– About $2.29 (not a fan)
Go Raw– About $2.50
Chia Bar– About $1.50
Kind Bar– About $1.20
Rise Breakfast Bar– About $1.40

Detour Smart Bars

Whole grain oatmeal bars, mixed with real fruit and drizzled with Greek yogurt. I think this is a great idea to give as a dessert in a lunch box. These retail at about a $1.50.


I am not going to list all of these spreads, but they included a good variety. Chocolate soy spread- Coconut butter… if you are looking for some alternatives to peanut butter, this was definitely the box! So much to try!

Home Free Gluten Free Cookies

Confession Time: I know this box was for my baby girl- but when I saw GLUTEN FREE VANILLA COOKIES in that box, I instantly knew I would be digging into those. And I did. Actually ate them as I was editing the video for this box. They did not disappoint and I will continue to buy them. They go for less than a $1.50 per bag. SO GOOD.

Snikiddy All Natural Baked Fries 

Tegan hasn’t eaten these yet, but I know she’s going to like them because she’s had some similar in the past and devoured them. These go for about $3.00 They look so yummy!!

Good Health Veggie Straws

These guys go for about a $1.00 a bag and they are a family favorite. You can’t go wrong with veggie straws!

SuperEats Kale+Chia Chips

These chips look so yummy. Non GMO, Gluten Free, and I have read that they are full of flavor. We are fans of kale, so I imagine we will enjoy these. They retail for about $1.65 a bag.

Buddha Bowl Himalayan Pink 

This a larger size bag of gluten free, non GMO, organic pop corn. I am hoping we get into this bag tonight. This was one of the first things that caught my eye when digging into the box and I have been very anxious to try it. It retails for almost $4.00

yum-a-roos toddler snacks

These little treats are very toddler friendly, and good for the car. So if you’re like me and you keep snacks packed for the car, this is a great one. You get TWO of these, too! They go for about $3.00 a bag and come in different flavors. 100% fruits and veggies- so if you have a picky eater, this is definitely worth a try to get some goodness into them. They are soft, and dissolve, so good for littles!

WHOOOO! That’s it!!!

That’s a lot of goodies!! I know I listed a few things that we haven’t tried yet, but that is a lot of snacking to get too and I could have said they were all great and been done with it- but some of them weren’t so great, and others we loved and will continue to buy. This is a fantastic box and I know it’s kind of expensive- but I urge you to try it at least once! And just for fun, I did a quick little round up of the prices I listed which wasn’t even everything and it came out to $43.49- that’s MORE than the box and doesn’t include everything! So I think GKS is an awesome company and they deserve your business.

I am excited to be able to share them with you! If you order a Great Kids Snack Box, be sure to take a picture and tag ME and Great Kids Snacks in it and tell them Ashley sent you!!

(Video coming soon!)

Thanks for reading and happy snacking, y’all!
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