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Happy Tuesday everyone!

I am really excited to be writing to you today about this awesome box I received for Tegan this past week. It was actually one of the very first boxes I found out I was going to be getting, so I have anxiously been waiting to get it. Parents and teachers, this definitely a box you’re going to love and have a great appreciation for.


Benko Box is a monthly subscription art box for kids ages three and up meant to inspire sensory exploration and creativity. It is ran by a mother/daughter team who have a background in early childhood development.

This box offers two different subscription plans.
Monthly is $24/box or there is six month option that runs at $19/box.

However, you can also send this as a gift to someone at the same cost.

When Toby and I decided that we wanted to jump into product reviewing, we were very unsure how to get started. To keep a long story short, Benko was the first subscription box to consider us. They sent us this box for review purposes, and took a chance on a couple who had nothing to show for what they were trying to achieve. Even though we are still starting out, we have a few big subscription reviews and so when people go look us up- they can. Benko could not, but they took a chance on us anyway and I sincerely appreciate them for their generosity.


 So this the Benko box! Isn’t is cute? I love the little logo they use. I also appreciate the fact that Tegan can draw and color all over this box with whatever might be inside. I like the fact that they kept it very simple. Also, this came inside another bag- it is one of the few boxes I have received that wasn’t just the box itself upon delivery.


When opening the box this little fold out was on top and was covered with this pretty purple tissue parer that can also be reused for crafting. The theme this month was TREASURES!! What a great theme!!


T H I S was my first look into the box. As a mom, and a former preschool teacher- looking into all of this, I knew instantly that this was going to be a very fun box.

image4 image5

Everything was packaged very neatly, and that makes for easy clean up for any unused supplies. Pictured above are SIX bags of fun! To the left we have a bag of small wooden shapes, some different size shapes with adhesive backs, and small bag of aquarium rocks/jewels. The rocks were Tegan’s favorite. She kept taking them over to Eddie (our fish) and showing him that she got rocks like him!

To the right we have pictured 3 decent size (about the length of my hand) bags of sand in blue, pink and green. We haven’t used them yet- I don’t know if I am ready to be that brave!


Also included was a full size bottle of Elmer’s glue! I was soooo excited about this product. I always need glue, and even though we have lots of glue sticks, I have found myself needing this type of glue more and more and it’s not something I ever think to buy.

A super neat supply included was the small set of oil pastels! It included 5 colors, and I thought that was just super awesome. Tegan is going to enjoy learning that there is more to coloring than just crayons and markers.

Then a small, wooden treasure box ready to be decorated! Tegan loves little boxes, bags and containers so I knew she was going to love this- and she did. She walked around with it for days, putting all sorts of stuff in it. She especially loved putting the aquarium rocks in there and shaking them around! (Toby was not a fan of this)


We also got two things of paint markers and a soft sponge brush for easy painting. I loved the paint colors provided. They are bright and refreshing! Again, did not expect to get such wonderful supplies.



There were even more surprises at the bottom of the box! There was card stock, tissue paper, construction paper and contact paper! And a good bit of it, too!! I was so excited for the contact and card stock.

I am LOVING Benko! I never thought I would receive that many awesome art supplies in a subscription box. There was clearly enough included for more than one craft, and it was all quality supplies. I enjoyed the fact that it was as kid friendly as I had hoped. Tegan was thrilled when we went through it and I can’t wait to see what all she creates.

It’s a very good price and you get so much and the fact that you know you’re going to have fun with your kids when this box comes in the mail each month is even better!

I have an unboxing video coming soon, and I will link to the bottom of the page. I hope you guys enjoyed looking through what I got in my April box, and I hope you consider getting one for your littles too!!

CLICK HERE to get started on your first Benko box! As always, when you get your box be sure to take a picture and tag ME and Benko in it!!

If you have any suggestions of things you want reviewed, please feel free to leave me a comment!

Happy Crafting!
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