June Yoga Challenge

Hello beauties and Happy June!!

For the month of June, I thought I would introduce something new and see how it goes. As most of you know, I really enjoy yoga. It’s been a huge life changer for me- and anyone who has truly jumped into their own yoga journey, understands what I mean by that.

It’s been fun and very difficult at times. I have seasons where I am able to dedicate lots of time to it and others where I really struggle. But no matter where I stand in my current practice, I am always bettering myself with it.

So for the month of June, I thought it would be fun to incorporate a little bit of yoga! So for the next five Mondays, you can expect to kick the work week off with me by following along with my little mini “yoga challenge”. Actually, I wouldn’t even call it a challenge- but more of an exploration.

Each Monday (because I need to start off small) I will give an Angel Card and then I will elaborate on the card pulled. I know a lot of people pull their angel card before Svasana to meditate on, but I like it when classes start off with one. Also, for this particular thing- there isn’t really any other way!  I will also have a weekly pose.

I hope you are able to go with the flow as I work out the kinks through this!

Week One: June 1, 2015

The Angel Card pulled for this week is: Giving and Receiving


Giving & Receiving 
“The entire universe operates in cycles similar to your inhalations and exhalations. When you only exhale (give) or only inhale (receive), you become out of rhythm with the universe. For optimal health, energy, and replenishment, balance each inhalation in your life with an exhalation.”

What a wonderful card to start out with!
As you go about your week- try and maintain a healthy balance between doing for others, and for yourself. If you’re like me, you’re probably guilty of always saying “YES!” to anything anyone needs and sometimes find yourself completely overloaded —it’s important to remember that it’s okay to say no, and also- it’s okay to ask for help as well.

The pose I’d like to focus on this week is: Virabhadra III or Warrior III 


I think this pose goes nicely with our Angel Card this week. It’s a posture that is strong, and beautiful. It requires balance in the body, but also in the mind.

Warrior III is a pose I have been focusing on in my own personal practice, and it’s one that I find pretty difficult but I really enjoy it. I have a hard time with balance and this particular pose helps me work on that. Sometimes when I come to the mat I have a hard time being still and in the moment but Warrior III is so difficult for me that if I have ANY distractions I will be all over the place, so I am absolutely FORCED to be completely focused on my posture. It really helps get me in the zone and I like it.

I have also included a step by step video to help you get into your pose- it’s nice to have some guidance, especially if it’s a new pose!

If you’re keeping up with this, take a picture of your Warrior III and share it with me on Instagram or leave it in the comment section!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see some of your Warrior III pictures this week!



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