June Yoga Challenge Week Two

Happy Monday & welcome to week two of our little yoga exploration!

I honestly didn’t really know exactly what I wanted to do when I started this and I figured I would just work it out along the way, but as I sat down to do this weeks posture and card- it just absolutely unfolded before me.

So last week was Week One & it was Giving and Receiving and this week follows up so incredibly nicely with that!

Week Two: June 8, 2015

The Angel Card pulled for this week is: Focus On Service 

week 2Focus On Service
“Your soul desires only to joyfully serve, and to swim in a constant stream of bliss. This stream continuously feeds you everything you need. Put your entire focus upon staying in this stream of giving and receiving in every situation, and in all that you do.”

I thought it was pretty awesome that this is the card that followed last week. By spending time trying to balance out the giving and receiving of last week we can now build from that and focus on service. What I get out this card is that by servicing to others with what talents and gifts I can provide, all of my needs will fall into place. By doing onto others, I will then receive. Let me know what your take on this is.

The pose I’d like to focus on this week is: Navasana or Boat Pose


I chose this pose because it requires focus, core strength and in my case, endurance. Some times I get so caught up in doing things, I lose sight of the actual meaning of why I am even doing it. So this week as I focus on service, I will truly focus- Why am I here? What is the purpose of this task? How am I making a positive difference in this situation? I will be more aware and grateful for each opportunity I am given, and make the most of it.

If you’re keeping up with this, take a picture of your Boat Pose and share it with me on Instagram or leave it in the comment section!

I want to know some of your thoughts on how this is going so far, so leave a comment! (:



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