TOM Box (Period Box) Review

Hey beauties, and happy Friday!!

Today I have a box exclusively for the ladies! A period box! That’s right- a period box, and let me just say, if you’re not already getting one you should be.  Whoever came up with the idea of sending out a monthly box of goodies to make Aunt Flow’s visit a little more bearable is a genius.

So today I am going to review TOM Box (Time Of The Month) a monthly subscription box that caters to your period.


TOM Box (Swaag Box) is a monthly subscription period box for women meant to ease the strain of the unwanted, monthly visitor that we women have to put up with. I like the concept—A LOT! Each cycle they include makeup and jewelry as well as your choice of feminine hygiene products. They also have an option to add razors or double makeup or jewelry for a small cost increase.

This box is $16 a month, but just in case you’re not too sure about it, they offer your first box for just $8! You can go get your first $8 box HERE.

I emailed back and forth with a sweet lady, Danielle and she was kind enough to send me this awesome box for this review. We didn’t talk too much because she made everything really simple! So another wonder staff review with another company!


 It comes in a small cardboard box that is small enough to fit into your mailbox.

first look

When I opened it, it was really packed in there nicely.

box 1

The first thing I pulled out was this pink box that said “Beautiful” and I thought that was an awesome touch. I kept the boxes for gifts! I loved them. Everyone needs a little encouraging and especially during the TOM and I thought it was a really sweet gesture.

make up 1

Inside the first box were three beauty products.

First was this Cailyn Gel Eyeliner– It retails at $21 and it is FABULOUS. It goes on so smooth, and steady. That product alone is worth more than the entire box and it’s the VERY FIRST ITEM!

The second item was a travel size CoolWay hair glow oil treatment. I couldn’t find the travel size listed on their website, but I did find a listing on ebay for $8. I was excited this product was included because with Summer being in full swing I am living in the sun and the pool so my hair is super neglected and it was nice being introduced to product that I really needed, but didn’t know about.

The third item was a Ciga Los Angeles Shimmer Shadow that I couldn’t seem to find a listing of but it’s a nice quality shadow!

box 2

I honestly was pretty excited to that I got TWO beautiful boxes because I thought they were so sweet!! But again, this box had THREE beauty products.

The first thing I pulled out was the SAMPAR So Much To Dew Midnight Mask and it’s a hydrating mask that I am looking forward to using, but I haven’t yet. They sent a sample size, so I’m not sure there is a price on it, but I did find the actual listing of the product and it’s pretty pricey!

The next item I pulled out was the BellaPierre Cosmetics Lip and Cheek stain. It is listed for $19 and I was happy to get it but I’m not sure if it’s something I will keep using. I don’t typically use that sort of lip/cheek mix but I’m still trying it.

And the last item I pulled out was this wonderful Cargo Cosmetics Jet Lag Concealer and I love it!! It retails for $30 and it comes in this sleek, twist bottom dispenser and it just goes on and blends so nicely. I’m wearing it right now. (:

That’s all for the beauty products and I am seriously blown away—I definitely wasn’t expecting such expensive products, and four full size and two samples… awesome!

jewelry 2

The next thing I pulled out was this little gray bag and inside was this sweet and simple necklace. I thought it was cute and I can see myself wearing it. The chain was pretty knotted up so I’m going to have to replace it- but I replace a lot of my cheaper chains anyway. I will say that I was more impressed by the beauty products than the jewelry, but I’m not much of a jewelry person anyway.

jewlery 1
Then I pulled out the black bag and it had this little bracelet in it and I honestly wasn’t a fan at all, it seemed more like a younger girl to me, but that’s okay because I can definitely pass this on to my niece but I like the idea that they include something other than makeup.

The last thing I pulled out was an eyebrow brush (I guess just a little bonus?) and then my 18 pack of tampons—REMEMBER, your first box only cost $8 and that’s just the price of a box a tampons that you were going to buy ANYWAY, so why not get all of this awesome stuff with it!? You can choose between pads, or tampons and you can also choose your brand.


I think it’s a wonderful value. With the makeup alone you have around $80 in product. Although I did receive the double makeup and double jewelry box even if I only got one set of each I would still come out better than the price of the box. I think the quality of the beauty products was good too. I was a little confused at the jewelry though- I felt like the makeup was geared towards women and the jewelry towards like a preteen age, so it might be cool if they ever tweak the box to do an age range for the boxes to maybe cater to different age groups. Another thing I think would be nice is to include maybe some sort of pain reliever, and SNACKS! I think that was the biggest disappointment is there weren’t any snacks. Not even chocolate and I feel like chocolate should come standard in any period box. However, it is a great price and I like the idea. I like the fact that you can choose the product you want to use- but I do wish they had a menstrual cup option, and then I like that you can choose the brand.

Overall, I was pleased with the box and its price. I think it’s worth everyone trying at least once. It really does make you feel good to get a box of goodies in the mail!! I think my favorite item was the eyeliner or the concealer, and the beautiful boxes were a great touch!!

If you’d like to try out TOM Box just go HERE and then tag me and TOM Box on Instagram when you get your box in the mail!!

Pamper Your Period,
Signature updated


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