June Yoga Challenge Week Four

Happy Monday, beautiful ones!

Today I bring you Week Four of this little yoga series and we are nearing the end! Today we are going to be doing another simple pose but an important one- so let’s jump right into it!!

Week Four: June 22, 2015

The Angel Card pulled for this week is: Listen


“Quiet your mind, Beloved One, and listen to our gentle reassurance that everything has been taken care of. Stay in a quiet and receptive state, without worrying about the exact nature of your desire’s manifestation. A quiet mind and body hears us quickly and clearly. This is our request to you: Listen.”

So it’s interesting that this is the card I pulled for today because I have a lot of special people in my life really going through some heavy stuff right now, and I know that it is really difficult not worry when things go terribly wrong- but no matter if we think they are wrong or not, they all serve a purpose much greater than we could ever understand. During these difficult times it’s important to remain faithful and LISTEN. You’ll never know what God is trying to teach you, or show you, or help you to understand if you’re not open to listening.

The pose I’d like to focus on this week is:  Shavasana or Corpse Pose 

week4 Corpse Pose

I had planned on using this pose for next week as we finish out our series, but I felt like this was the most appropriate pose to focus on for the card pulled. I know that this is another simple one, but its an important one. This pose is so wonderful for your body. The stillness of the pose allows you to release, let go, give gratitude, be in the moment and listen.

Make time for your body. Give your body time to heal, and nurturer it. It is yours, and it’s the only one you’ll ever be given so be kind to it. Love yourself.



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