Tegan’s Third Birthday Party *Pancakes and Pajamas*

So Tegan recently turned three, and for her birthday this year she wanted to have a Birthday Breakfast! This was a great idea because at this age, she doesn’t have many friends but we do have a lot of family- so it was a nice way for everyone to get together and celebrate her, but we still aren’t to the age where we have to do something really extravagant to keep a bunch of kiddos entertained.

A lot people have asked me what all we did for her party so I thought I would do a small blog post about it. It was super easy, and a lot of fun.

For starters we needed a venue. Our house is definitely not big enough to comfortably seat 40 people and feed them, so we used our church Fellowship Hall. This was a great place to use because they already had tables and seating available, plus a full kitchen so we were able to cook that morning.

10330331_824428784300719_6219611508780675506_n 11204425_824428800967384_579014391080406576_n

I used the round tables for dining and the rectangle tables for food and presents.

11073071_824429860967278_6051067172789103763_nI get a birthday “chalkboard” made every year and I used it as a decoration on the gift table.
It turned out so cute, you can order yours HERE!


Tegan also decided that we needed to wear PJs to her breakfast party– and DUH, we did!
They turned out better than I could have imagined, and we got them from HERE!

I spent the night before prepping as much as I could. Me and my dad precooked as much as we could and I set up the tables, and set out cups, plates, napkins… just anything to to make Party Day less stressful.


You’re probably wondering what we chose for the menu? Well, we had a variety of stuff to choose from because we have gluten free family members, some that don’t eat pork, and some vegetarians- so we wanted EVERYONE to be able to enjoy!

For the drinks we just did coffee, orange juice, chocolate milk and had bottles of water.
We also had out snacks because we knew people would show up hungry, but since we wanted everything fresh- we would be cooking. So we had a spread of three different types of muffins, mini cinnamon rolls, fruit and donuts.



The theme was Pancakes and PJs, so of course we had PANCAKES!!
We offered beef sausage, and Conecuh sausage, eggs, biscuits and gravy,  turkey bacon, and pork bacon. We served everything in warmers.


While everything was cooking we had small crafts for the kids. 11257127_824428880967376_5805546004229288362_n

We did cereal bracelets!


I also made some little coloring sheets.

10659145_824428670967397_4375376494575295842_n 11251058_824428687634062_3248381845122546969_n

And during breakfast we read If You Give A Pig A Pancake -they L O V E D it!


And YES, we still had cake!! This little lady REALLY wanted a cookie cake!


And then we opened presents!


We finished out the party with Breakfast Themed Party Favors!


It was really a wonderful morning spent with beautiful people. I was so pleased with how it all turned out! A H U G E thanks to everyone who help pull this birthday bash off!!

10410785_824429464300651_4307011872374662353_n 10481716_824429717633959_3243277288143309048_n


11073823_824429570967307_6068763422777169436_n 11180625_824429957633935_6897169871000572133_n

11233779_824429547633976_6051770032597199926_n 11231750_824429437633987_5413461308864896298_n

Do you have any party plans you’d like to share? We LOVE to throw parties, and we are always looking for new things to try! Let me know what themes/ideas you have!

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