A Little Thanks!

Hey beauties, HAPPY FRIDAY!!! 🙂

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and that this weekend treats you right! I took a small break from blogging this week simply because the Back to School Giveaway has kept me very busy! Every time you leave a comment, share or post about the giveaway I pull out a special book and write it down. I have kept up with every single entry and I want you to know that I value each and every one of them! I wish I could give back to you all because you have helped my blog base grow quicker than I ever thought it would. I love reading through your comments, and whenever you add me, I always stop and go check your profile out too!

I started this blog as just a little side project- a small outlet for me. I enjoy writing and I’ve had a lot of fun things to write about. I was averaging about 20-40 views on the days that I posted a blog and maybe 1-5 throughout any other time. Now I am averaging 20 views an hour…DAILY. Do you know how much that makes my heart grow? I know I don’t have the deepest topics, or life changing advice but I do enjoy keeping this blog simple, light and informative about products I am currently using or the occasional post about my family.

My Instagram -which is my most used platform, has grown by about 400 followers.

My YouTube -which I hardly use, but I am trying to get better with uploading, has grown by almost 30 subscribers (and if you know how incredibly awkward I am in front of the camera, you know why this is such a big victory!) We even had one of our videos hit views over 1,000!

It’s important to me to share with you these milestones because YOU are who makes it happen. You are the reason that I feel the need to keep on writing, and sharing!

I am always looking to connect with others, and grow a bigger blog base- because the more people I can get to connect, the better stuff I can review.

Maybe one day I will have something incredible to share with you all and possibly change your life… but for now, this is a place for me to get away from everyone else’s opinions, and talk to you about how obsessed with my daughter I am and how good this shampoo I just got sent smells. (;

Again, thank you for reading and subscribing and following… and being interested in my little life. I have a lot of stuff planned for after the #BBLB2S Giveaway so I hope you stick around for it all!!

Enjoy your weekend, and soak up every second of it with someone you love!

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