Best Friend Swap Box

So I’m a big YouTube junkie. And even though I justify it to myself a lot of the time as “research” I will admit that I binge watch product reviews, makeup tutorials, unboxings and my latest craze– SWAPS.

I don’t know who started swaps, or why but its seriously one of my favorite things to watch right now.


There are several different types of swaps floating around YouTube, but the point is the same- you and another youtuber decide to send each other a box full of goodies and when your box of goodies arrive, you film yourself opening it. Your swapee will do the same and you are both to link the other parties channel/video in the description so your viewers can go see what the other person got.

It’s a great way to help build your channel, especially if a bigger youtuber than you swaps with you. Their dedicated viewers will watch their video, then go see what they got you and most likely subscribe to your channel. It’s a simple, but fun concept and everyone wins… MOST of the time.

There are some cases where one of the people swapping wasn’t so kind and never sent a box, or sent a bunch of junk over. What do I classify as junk? Well, in most cases, swaps have a set of guidelines- a price limit, maybe a theme… so if you receive a box with something that didn’t fall into those rules, then I think that falls into getting ripped off.

Some of the most common swaps I see are international swaps where maybe someone from the U.S. will swap with some from New Zealand and they trade things that might be harder to find where they are. Another popular one I see is high-end makeup products generally with about a $300 limit, or something like your 5 favorite drugstore products for under $10.

Not only is it a fun way to spoil a friend while getting spoiled, it also allows you a chance to get new products you may have never purchased on your own.


So our swap was a little different. One night my mom, and our friend Melissa and myself were hanging out watching swap videos (just like any addict, I had to bring my friends down with me) and we all kept saying how fun it would be to do a swap. Even though I have a YouTube channel, it can be a little scary swapping with someone you don’t know so we just decided to swap with each other!


We had pretty simple rules. It could be anything, just a box of fun but we did say to keep it in the $30 range. We also didn’t know who we were buying for. We didn’t set a date or anything, we just kind of let it play out.

My mom got so excited hers was done with in like a day… but me and Melissa took a little longer to get ours done so mom just had sit there with a fun box of goodies waiting to be opened.


For the next couple of weeks we spent time looking for stuff for our boxes. I LOVE buying for people so the shopping was the most fun for me.

We planned to have dinner at my house Friday after work, and then SWAP!!! So after some delicious chicken tacos made by yours truly, we got right down to the gifts.


Now I need to mention that we did not leave Tegan out of this! She was so sweet helping me pick out items, and wrapping everything. She never once asked me for a box, so when I told her she would get one too she was THRILLED.

the girls

So here we are with the boxes we will open. We decided to just pass to the right so Melissa got my box, Mom got Melissa’s bag, and I got my mom’s box.

We let Tegan open her box first because she was being so patient to get her “prizes”.


She had the prettiest box!


I just grabbed her a couple of things from Walgreens and the Dollar Tree. Her box had a few snacks, a new Doc McStuffin’s hairbrush, some beads, a coloring book, a dry erase board and markers, and some other little trinkets.

Ashleys first look

We went youngest to oldest, so I was next. Clearly I was excited when I opened mine.

inside look

I got the box my mom made. Funny story- she bought several of the items I bought.


If you follow me on Instagram you already saw what I got- but here it is!
I could tell where my mom had me and Melissa both in mind while picking everything out. Those gummy bears, DEFINITELY bought for me, those Lindor chocolates? Definitely Melissa.

If you can’t see what all is here, I got:

-St. Ive’s spray lotion- this stuff is hard to find. I’ve been wanting this stuff for a long time but I can NEVER find it anywhere. I was super excited to get it.

-St. Ive’s travel soap and it smells soooooo good!

-3 little hand sanitizers

-3 face mask

-Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Nude Eyes set (I was actually going to put this my box but couldn’t find it at three different stores)

-Tree Hut Sugar Scrub (Again, I was actually going to get this in coconut lime but they didn’t have it when I went to buy it.)

-Owl notepad


My box was wonderful!


Next up was Melissa, she got my box!

inside look2

I kind of had a feeling she was going to get my box, so did Tegan but I still tried to be very balanced with my box when buying everything. It was almost perfect enough for mom and Melissa to split.

Melissas Box

I know you don’t know our personalities, but I bought different things with each person in mind.

Melissa got:

-St. Ive’s spray lotion -Remember how hard I told you it was to find? Well I found ONE bottle left and I decided to put it in my box. Good karma, because I got one anyway! (one of the items mom and I both bought.)

-2 Face mask… again, like my mom.

-Mini Lindor Chocolates -with Melissa in mind

-Mini Faroe Rocher Chocolates -with mom in mind

-Coloring book and markers -with Melissa in mind

-Puzzle -with mom in mind

-2 Wet n’ Wild nail polishes, a color for Melissa and a color for mom

-2 Wet n’ Wild eyeshadow pallets- again, the color choices representing both ladies

-Baby Lips because I loveeee Baby Lips

-Pur Nature soap and loofa -that soap smells sooooo good and I really wanted it for myself, but I wanted it to go in the box more.

-A cup filled with candy and a nutella snack!!


Last was mom and she got Melissa’s cute Snoopy bag— we are big Snoopy fans!

inside look3

I was having so much fun and I couldn’t wait for mom to have her turn!

Moms Box

So mom got the most quality box for sure. I think it’s interesting to see how we chose to make our money go.

Mom got:

-Coconut bath wash and it smells sooooo good.

-Revlon PhotoReady eye art in gold and I had never seen it before but it was really neat.

-Revlon lip gloss in this shimmery baby pink and it’s so cute and soooo my mom.

-Purple nail polish and I love the color but my mom was so excited, she went and got her toes done the next day so she could wear her new polish.

-NYX Nude eye shadow pallet. Super cute and super nice and the colors would’ve been perfect if me or my mom got it but she went out Saturday night a wore this pallet and it looked really good on her.


Swaps are awesome, especially when you’re just celebrating the people you love just because.

We didn’t film our swap because we had never done one before, and we all had a long day and had we been worrying about filming, we would’ve missed out on absorbing each other’s energy while being together but I am glad we took a few pictures to remember that fun night. I had the best time just being together.

Remember, you don’t have to have a reason to celebrate someone you love!

Keep shining,
Signature updated

If you enjoyed reading this, keep an eye out because we’ve already set the guidelines for the next swap!
If you have any swap theme ideas, pass them along- we’d love to do them! 🙂


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