TOM BOX July Review

Hey beauties, and happy Friday!!

Today I have a ANOTHER Tom Box to review for you ladies!


TOM Box (Swaag Box) is a monthly subscription period box for women meant to ease the strain of the unwanted, monthly visitor that we women have to put up with. I like the concept—A LOT! Each cycle they include makeup and jewelry as well as your choice of feminine hygiene products. They also have an option to add razors or double makeup or jewelry for a small cost increase.

This box is $16 a month, but just in case you’re not too sure about it, they offer your first box for just $8! You can go get your first $8 box HERE.



I honestly wasn’t expecting this box, so I was happy to get it the other day and anxious to get into it.


The first thing I pulled out was this Escada Marine Groove perfume sample  and it smells so wonderful! I’m not a huge perfume girl, but I do like this. I couldn’t find how much this size cost, but I did read somewhere that it retails for $4.97 -but don’t hold me to that. (:


The next thing I pulled out was a small pack (8 count) of La Fresh Travel Lite makeup remover wipes. It retails for $2.49 and they included a 30% coupon! I haven’t opened these yet. I’m kind of a makeup wipe hoarder, so I would be happy if these came in every box. I hope these work!


I also got another brush! I got a brush in my last box too, but I was very excited about this one. It is really soft and made very well. There wasn’t a brand name on it at all, so I have no way of buying more or even giving credit to whoever made the brush. I also don’t know how much it is.


Since I wasn’t expecting this box EVERYTHING I got was going to be exciting to me BUT I swear, just earlier in the day that I got this I had been texting my friend telling her I was looking for a good blush and then I came home to this girl! I have never heard of Hikari Cosmetics, but this blush is awesome. It retails for $15.00 and I believe the color I got was Bikini and it’s a coral color. It goes on real nice and it last my entire work day. I’ve worn it every day since I got the box.


My favorite thing that came in this month’s box was definitely this CULT Nail Polish in Catalina. CULT makeup and nail polish are 5 Free, and vegan friendly & if you keep up with my blog, you know that’s always a bonus for me. Me and my daughter are both wearing this color right now. My biggest complaint about this is that it chips kind of easily, but I just threw it in my purse to keep on me for touch ups. It dries insanely fast and I loved that.


I also got this little cutie of Joanna Vargas Daily Serum, I wasn’t able to find a price for this and I haven’t tried it yet but I did find a listing of it on Amazon.
I have been looking to change up my skin care routine, so maybe this will be something to add!


Another makeup item I got was this Be A Bombshell lip gloss in Diamond. I really like the fact that it’s clear and I wore it today and it’s not too sticky. I am not a fan of sticky glosses. This retails for $14.00

The last two things to cover are the accessories. Now if you read what I got in my last box, you know I didn’t think the jewelry and makeup complimented each other. The makeup was such great quality and the jewelry seemed cheap or for a younger audience. Well this month not much changed.


These are the ear rings, I’m not sure who they are made by or how much they are but they are cute- just a little too young for me. But just like last time, I can pass these along to my niece.

However, this time the other accessory they included was really cute!


I liked this headband and I can see myself wearing it. If it doesn’t fit well on me, I can always putting it in my daughter’s hair.

Also, not pictured is a box of Playtex Tampons and who doesn’t love having them delivered to you? (;


Overall, I thought this was an awesome box. It stomped my last box.
The value of this box was around $50 just off what I could find a price on and your first box is only $8 and only $16 after that. Totally worth it.

I do wish there was a product card so I could credit all the companies. And as always, my biggest complaint is chocolate… Where are the yummies? (;

Great job TOM Box, I really enjoyed this one!
Signature updated

This box was provided to me for review purposes but all opinions are my own.


4 thoughts on “TOM BOX July Review

  1. Neverland Beauty

    I received a Hikari blush in one of my beauty boxes too. I was really skeptical at first because I received the shade Tango and it is VERY bright. I wasn’t one to wear blush before I received this so I thought i’d keep it and maybe give it to a friend. Then I got up the courage to use it and I only needed a bit to get the perfect shade and it blends really nicely. I’m in love with it now.


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